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  • The best rates for sending SMS via SIM routes to Spain and the rest of the world
  • WauSMS is the Low Cost SMS Marketing Platform: if you want to send SMS from a SIM route, with Wau you can send bulk text messages using numeric senders.
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These are some of our SIM routes; if you're interested in using this service or finding out more information, please contact us and we'll set up your route.

0.04195 US$/SMS

0.01865 US$/SMS

0.02725 US$/SMS

0.01745 US$/SMS

0.01255 US$/SMS

0.03335 US$/SMS

0.02480 US$/SMS

* VAT not included
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MCC: 722

0.01500 US$

MCC: 232

0.05910 US$

MCC: 206

0.02650 US$

MCC: 228

0.04195 US$

MCC: 730

0.01255 US$

MCC: 712

0.02970 US$

MCC: 262

0.02110 US$

MCC: 602

0.01855 US$

MCC: 214

0.01865 US$

MCC: 244

0.03030 US$

MCC: 208

0.02725 US$

MCC: 235

0.01745 US$

MCC: 454

0.02355 US$

MCC: 510

0.01255 US$

MCC: 222

0.03335 US$

MCC: 440

0.04810 US$

MCC: 414

0.03705 US$

MCC: 334

0.01500 US$

MCC: 204

0.02480 US$

MCC: 410

0.02355 US$

MCC: 260

0.01500 US$

MCC: 744

0.01865 US$

MCC: 226

0.01695 US$

MCC: 250

0.02775 US$

MCC: 255

0.02650 US$

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