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  • Thousands of SMS in seconds
  • Direct communication with your customer
  • Unlimited personalisation
  • An unprecedented ROI in digital marketing
  • Toll Free: $1 per sender per month


Send bulk SMS to your customers
at the best market price

Import your contacts |

Import your contacts

Import your contacts quickly and intuitively in CSV and TXT formats. Upload millions of contacts in seconds.

Compose the message |

Compose the message

Write the message you want to send and easily include custom fields from your database.

Compose the message |

Send your SMS

Send your message and access to in-depth statistics to have full control of your campaign. 

Bulk SMS sendings to
unbeatable prices

SMS Push


0.01880 US$/SMS

  • The fastest, most effective and most direct channel.
  • Personalisable sender ID.
  • Personalisation of any field.
  • Possibility of delivery to any number in the world.
  • No fees, you are only billed for the sms you send.

voice message

  • Voice messages from written texts.
  • Only answered voice messages will be billed.
  • Fully personalisable voice messages from any database field.
  • Multiple languages ​​and local accents (ES, LATAM, USA, UK, PT, BR...)
  • Real-sounding recorded messages with human voice or possibility to upload own audios.


Sending bulk SMS online has never been so easy and intuitive. Sign up and access the WAUSMS platform now. You'll enjoy a completely free trial to discover the most complete SMS messaging tool on the market. Premium features at low-cost rates.

Discover why thousands of companies and individuals around the world have chosen WAUSMS as their bulk SMS provider.


Connection APIs

APIs HTTP integration, SMPP integration

Complete sending statistics

Full graphics |

Full graphics

Visual graphics so that you can check the status of your campaign at a glance.

Overall statistics |

Overall statistics

In-depth received message statistics per delivery or overall. Percentage and number of SMS sent, received, rejected or pending.

Statistics by country |

Statistics by country

You'll get in-depth statistics per country of destination, so that you can check the delivery rates in the different countries receiving your messaging campaigns.

Costs breakdown |

Costs breakdown

In-depth cost statistics per service and delivery. Optimise costs by analysing the ROI of your latest campaigns.

Messaging schedule |

Messaging schedule

Access at a glance your calendar of sent and scheduled campaigns. Easy and intuitive messaging calendar for at-a-glance view of sent and scheduled mailings.

Sendind status |

Sendind status

Updated reports on the status of your messaging campaign. You can track how many messages are delivered and to which numbers.

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