Automated calls
and voice messages

Compose your text or upload your audio, add your database and the system will automatically call all the numbers. Recorded messages are fully personalisable with any data from your databases.

Low-cost bulk automated calls . Prerecorded calls or voice messages with auto-generated recorded messages with the Personalised fields from your database.
Voice messages to United States

  • Only answered voice messages will be billed
  • Different languages, voices and accents
  • 100% personalisable recorded messages

Send thousands of voice messages to your customer database

Service available in multiple languages and local accents for Spain, Colombia and Brazil

Automated calls from written texts

Write your texts, personalize them with the fields you want from your database and import the landlines and mobile numbers to which you want the voice message to be sent. 
Our system will synthesise your personalised text, convert it to a human voice and automatically send voice messages. Quick, easy and cost-effective.

Examples of locutions

Recorded messages available in different languages ​​and local accents, both with male and female voices.

Spanish (Spain) Female voice
Spanish (Spain) male voice
Spanish (Latino) Female voice
Spanish (Latino) male voice
English (UK) Female voice
English (UK) male voice
English (USA) Female voice
English (USA) male voice
Portuguese (Brazil) Female voice
Portuguese (Brazil) male voice

Send your own audios

Generate voice messages with your own audio files. Simply upload your file to the platform and the system will directly send the voice message.

SCHEDULING SENDINGS Reports and statistics

Schedule your voice messages, set a cut-off date and retry policy to ensure that no one receives calls at unsociable times, and receive valuable reports and statistics for a more effective management of your marketing strategies.

Scheduling of voice messages

Schedule your voice messages to be received at a specific time. Avoid calls at unsociable times and schedule your voice messages so that the system starts the campaign on the day and at the time you want.

Generation of in-depth reports and statistics

Generate in-depth reports and statistics with details of all your messaging campaigns. Use the tags to make comparisons and get personalised statistics by type of sending.

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