Automatic calls United States

Robocall service for United States. Automatic calls to your database.
Upload your pre-recorded phrases or use our TXT2SPEECH (Text2Speech).
Automated calls  United States
Automated calls United States

  • Only answered calls are charged
  • Different languages, voices and accents
  • 100% personalisable recorded messages

Other services WauSMS for United States

In WAUSMS we are specialists in SMS messages at a Low Cost.
SMS services for United States:

Voice Services United States

Robocall United States: Telemarketing, phone call and automatic robocall pre-recorded calls United States

Our Service for United States from automatic calls (robocall) allows our users to contact their customers via a phone call

Txt2Speech United States (Text2Speech)

Enter the texts and our system will convert them to audio calls. You can use custom fields from your database such as name, surname, … to personalize your calls.

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